False Framing: Immigration Reform



False Framing: Immigration Bill

In modern parlance, its called ‘issue framing’, also known as ‘spinning a story’. Issue framing is always at the heart of the Obama agenda. And as linguist Geoff Nunberg wrote: “To frame an issue is to reduce it to a story for which there is only one possible outcome.” Where Democrats talk of economic fairness, Republicans reframe it as economic freedom. The terms ‘undocumented immigrant’ vs ‘illegal alien’ is false framing. The importance of framing an issue, and framing it early, cannot be overstated.

LISTED BELOW are several of the ‘immigration reform’ arguments that have been used by pro-amnesty advocates, corporate interests, lobbyists, liars, con-men, carnival barkers, members of Congress and low-information voters, including cafeteria Republicans such as Rubio and Ryan, to try and justify illegal immigration or ‘Amnesty’. Purveyors of liberal bias falsely present themselves as being objective. And too often Republicans play along. Next to each argument is the brief reason why that argument has…

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